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Glasses Technology

Our experienced staff will discuss your optical needs and help find the best lens designs for your lifestyle.

Premier Progressive Designs

The Workhorse Lens

Enjoy “panorama” vision at your work station!

No more tilting your head to obtain clear vision.

The Anti-fatigue Lens

Experiencing digital eye strain?

Get a Power boost.

The Lifestyle Lens

Comfortable transitions between near and far distances.

Wider viewing zones.

Dramatic reduction in blurring of peripheral vision.

Digital Surfacing

All of our lenses encompass the power of digital surfacing. This surfacing technique changes the prescription as it moves away from the center, ultimately providing comfortable viewing even from oblique angles.

Lens Coatings

Our Premium lens coatings demonstrate extreme resistance to oils and dirt, extreme scratch resistance and extreme anti-reflection to ensure exceptionally clear vision.

Kids First

Because your child’s vision is not “child’s play.” We provide indestructible frame and lens materials.

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