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Myopia Management

We’re here to keep your child’s eyes healthy for the long haul

Myopia is a common condition (also known as being near-sighted) where a person has a difficult time seeing objects far away, but is able to see things up close.

Myopia typically develops in childhood, where it progresses until early adulthood. In rare cases, myopia may continue to progress in adulthood. 

Myopia can worsen as your child grows, causing them to need stronger prescriptions every year as they grow.  When myopia progresses into a more severe form, it becomes high myopia.

High myopia increases your child’s risk of significant eye diseases in adulthood, including:

Historically we had no way to prevent the worsening of myopia. While there is no cure for myopia, we now have treatment methods to slow its progression. Envision Eyecare believes treating myopia at a young age is the best for long term vision outcomes of our patients.

Options for treating Myopia:

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